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Top 10 Exotic and Bizarre Places to visit in India

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7 Offbeat Weekend Getaways near Delhi in Uttarakhand

7 Best Travelling Destinations near Delhi in Uttarakhand
Once in a while, everyone feels like getting away from their routine lives. What’s a better way to unwind than to take a quick weekend getaway with someone you love? If you’re looking for a remote weekend getaway, this list of 7 offbeat weekend getaways near Delhi in Uttarakhand is what you want. All the places mentioned in this list are unusual and unexplored weekend getaways around Delhi located in the state of Uttarakhand.
Pithoragarh-The Himalayan Town: The Himalayan town of Pithoragarh is located at an altitude of 1514 meters in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. It is about 521 kms from Delhi. One of the most alluring tourist attractions near Pithoragarh is the Namik Glacier located at an altitude of 3600 meters surrounded by some of the biggest Himalayan peaks like Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot, and Trishul. A thrilling trek to the glacier from Pithoragarh is ideal for adventurers and explorers. When you’re in Pithoragarh, don’t mis…

9 Most Delicious Traditional Chinese Food You Must Try When in China

One desire of every foreign traveler visiting China is to taste the authentic traditional Chinese food as there’s no place other than the host country to provide the true taste of the cuisine. Do you have any travel plans for China? If so, read this piece for the top traditional Chinese food you must try when in China.
Spinach Noodles or bo cai mian: Called bo cai mian in Chinese, spinach noodle is among the famous Chinese dishes of Xi’an. Most noodle joint prepare their boodles from scratch. Spinach noodles are prepared using spinach topped with any ingredient you want. The most popular form is spinach noodles topped with potato, egg, beef, carrots and chili, served in a spicy sauce of tomato.
Fried Mashi or chao ma shi: No, it is not some kind of fried noodles or fried rice but something like gnocchi. A great combination of hot and sweet, fried ma shi is one of the best dishes in a traditional Chinese food menu of a restaurant. The addition of crunchy vegetables gives it a yummy juxta…

Most Exciting Trekking Places around Bangalore

Trekking has turned into the most loved end of the week action for Bangaloreans. Luckily, Bangalore is additionally talented with a lot of trekking and experience goals in a nearness to the city. With generous youthful populace from innovation industry, Bangalore trekking locales are frequently packed with an enormous number of experience aficionados attempting to get dawn see, especially on the ends of the week. While the long, medium-term trekking goals of Karnataka like Kumara Parvatha, Kudremukh, Brahmagiri Peak are minimal far away, attempts to list the top trekking locales inside 120 km from Bangalore that can be visited in one day from Bangalore City. Also, you can get a great discount on hotel booking online using Oyo Rooms Coupon Code.

The Savandurga slope is viewed as among the biggest stone monument slopes in Asia. This is one of the well-known trekking goals around Bangalore. Savandurga comprises of two slants, the Billigudda and the Karigudda. T…

Top 5 International Destinations to Visit in the Month of July

A long weekend around the corner in July, but have some fickling plans in July. Not able to decide which locations to explore and where to visit.
How about we tell you, that there are some thrilling and must-visit international locations one can visit on their next long weekend. Yes!! International short trips that will give you all the pleasure, luxury, and relaxation on the coming long weekend and that too without hurting your pockets.
We are here to share some of the hand-picked International locations one can explore and make best out of their long weekends jaunting with their friends and/or family.

Now, about some good International destinations that are pocket-friendly and perfect for a vacation on a long weekend are :
Bermuda This internationally-renowned place is famed for its breathtaking pink sand beaches, this British territory is not just a two-hour flight journey from Boston, New York or DC, and adding an hour more with the flight from Atlanta and Miami. The best time to …

Visit The Top Rated Destinations Of The Whole World Using American Airlines

Now, most of the people are opting airlines for traveling to their favourite destination. If your traveling for a vacation or for a business trip you want a different experience which you can get by booking a ticket of American airlines. All people want to experience the fantastic and amazing feeling of flying while traveling with their friends and family. Now with great deals and offers people makes a plan to travel with their family into their dream destination. This wish of people can be easily fulfilled by American airlines reservation official site which always helps their passengers to explore the best and dream destination. They also help passengers to travel with full comfort and luxury. You can also explore the best and top rated destination for providing unique experience during a business trip also.
The American airlines provide their travelers with amazing and fabulous holiday package according to the needs of them. While having booked in airlines you can also get the opp…

8 Best Places to Visit and Stay on Luxury Tour of India

India is a beautiful country and a homeland of many stunning hill stations, charming desserts, lakes & rivers, and gorgeous beaches. There are many destinations in India are so unique and filled with these extra oomphs that make this country a beautiful paradise for luxury tours. 
 You can also go for these amazing luxury tour packages of India as your trip will be pre-planned and you don’t have to worry about where to go next.

1. Jaipur, Rajasthan

Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan isn't an obscure goal for travelers. Jaipur is among the numerous states in India to get sightseers in pretty much every season. The dynamic quality in this spot is unending thus does the lodging bargains.  Since Jaipur is always loaded with history buffs and design admirers of the Mughal time frame, you will see its numerous miracles in each niche and corner of the city. And furthermore you will get a chance to abide in their numerous legacy lodgings and resorts on the off chance that you are searching …