India is a culturally diverse country that has millions of small and big festivals throughout the year. Almost all the festivals and important days have some religious or cultural significance, which adds to the charm of celebration. Indian festivals are famous all over the world because of their bright and colourful nature. The festive season in India falls in September, October, and early November. Make this festive season even better and celebrate with your loved ones in prime locations. Visit all the places that are famous for celebrating a particular festival and enjoy! Ditch your mundane ‘at home’ celebrations and roam with your family. If you are getting budget jitters, plan the bookings using Travelguru Coupon. You will realize that savings and travelling can happen at the same time. So, dear readers, gear up for a fantastic ride to the most beautiful places to visit in the festive season.


     Known for its lip-smacking cuisine, festive pandals, Durga Puja celebration and vibrant culture, the city of Kolkata is a festival itself! Crowded lanes become even more crowded. The local markets teem with delicious dishes and different types of Sandesh. Silk sarees and Gold Jewellery designs are at their best, and the whole ambience in the city is peppy. People are welcoming, and you can even join the public puja organized at many places. The city of Tagore is one of the best places to visit in the festive season.


    How can one miss the Dandia and Garba of the State of Gujrat? People are dressed in colourful traditional clothes decorated with mirrors and thread work. The markets become a glittery affair, and the food items become even better. You can enjoy dancing and Puja celebration at any public pandal during Navratri. Durga Puja is also celebrated with pomp and show. 

    Wait a few months, and you can revisit this place for the Rann Utsav. It is celebrated in the winters when the white sands of the salt desert become a colourful canvas of various festivities.


    If you still haven’t seen the national capital, plan your visit during the festive season. Dussehra, Diwali, Navratri, Durga Pooja, Karwachauth and Janmashtami are some of the most notable festivals. All of them and many more are celebrated with full vigour here. You can also enjoy the crowd and huge gatherings in the Pooja Pandaal and local fairs. Markets become a glittery affair, and the weather stays cool. You can dig your teeth into the local delicacies and become a part of the fun-filled affair. Many people plan their vacation around the festivals.  


    Nestled deep in the mountains and hills of Himachal Pradesh is the beautiful Kullu Valley that is famous for the Dussehra fair and celebration. Every year hundreds of tourists throng the valley to witness the festival celebrations. Many international tourists also visit the place during the Dussehra Fair. The weather is fantastic, and you have to wear light woollens. The local fair spans over 3 or 4 days and is full of fun and vigour. Many local performers perform in the fair. Some local or famous celebs are also called for special performances, and you can buy pure woollen apparels and handicrafts. You can also enjoy the authentic Kullu cuisine laden with aromatic spices and lots of flavours. 


    Yes, the party capital of India transforms into a magical wonderland with decorated churches and cathedrals. The lively carols and coir groups can be found in every cathedral and many public places of importance. You can enjoy one of its own kinds of Christmas celebrations in Goa. So, parties and festivities go hand in hand here. Planning to enjoy the best of both the worlds; go to Goa during Christmas. Want to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything because of your budget? Plan the bookings using best offers on Travelguru and make big savings!!


    The Royal Family of Mysore celebrated Dussehra every year with pomp and show. This is one of the main reasons for people travelling to Mysore. Public gatherings are organized, and royals take part in festivities with the local residents. You can also catch a glimpse of the Indian Royalty that still commands huge respect in the region and enjoys the festival in a new manner.

    Some other places to visit for festival celebrations are:

    • Kerala for Onam
    • Assam for Bihu
    • Mathur and Vrindavan for Holi
    • Mumbai for Dahi Handi
    • Goa for Goa Carnival

    Make this festive season a fun-filled celebration with your whole family by visiting these places.
    Happy Travelling!


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